Storm Damage Restoration

Disasters and storms causing damage to your property can occur at any time. When storms approach, strong winds, lightening, and downed trees, and/ or hail can cause substantial damage to your home. Your insurance company is expecting you to take measures to protect yourself, other people, and your property from further damage after storm damage strikes.
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Flood Water
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Tornado
  • Tree Damage


If you are in this situation, Shuler Crew Construction can help!

We provide a complete line of emergency response services to mitigate damages resulting from storm damage. Part of emergency services is removing fallen trees on your house and then tarping the roof to minimize your home’s exposure to the outside environment.

If you have storm damage to your home, then it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use a licensed, insured, and trusted professional company, such as Shuler Crew, to help you get your home back to pre-loss condition.  Our professionals are trained to guide and consult with you about the emergency and restoration process to your home.

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